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Street sleeper. I’m sure it’s a term most have heard. A mysterious car flies past you on an A road, something you’d never expect. Maybe something old, with a badge denoting a minuscule engine size on the boot. It’s like an elusive club, having a car like this. A subtle exterior is key, with some owners going as far as using parts from lower “poverty spec” models, perhaps even a mismatched panel or 3. The Sleeper as we know it these days is usually a tag for an externally stock looking car that runs serious power, hidden well away. This brings about some real ingenuity at times, with some very clever ideas being utilised to keep everything a surprise. Intercoolers painted to match bumpers, false pea-shooter exhaust tips, steel wheels with semi-slick race tires; it’s an intriguing game. 

The love for these type of cars seems to stem from our very British adulation for the underdog. Why buy a brand new Audi or BMW when you can build a faster car for quarter of the price? These machines have a real “wipe the smile of their face” quality when pitted against modern performance tin. Of course, not all of these sleeper cars look totally standard, as with any modifying scene you get variations on a theme. This brings me onto Jay’s Nova Saloon. Although fairly standard looking to the untrained eye, this little car packs a real punch. With only a few outward signs to set it apart from a factory fresh model, most could be forgiven for thinking this is a high street terror, blitzing around a car park near you. But look a bit closer, and things start to add up. The lowered ride height and Cavalier wheels go a small way to give the game away, but it’s that cleverly mounted intercooler up front that pulls the finger. An ingenious blend into the front bumper retains the sleeper ethos though, this is not an “in-your-face” type of beast. So, what exactly is hiding behind that relatively sedate exterior? The center of this party has to be that C20LET, rebuilt with ARP conrod bolts and FSE fuel pressure regulator. There’s a Courtenay sport actuator to keep all that boost in check, and a set of Calibra turbo drilled and vented discs 288mm front and 270mm rear to keep the brown trouser moments to a minimum. 

So with all that extra power, what exactly is this machine like to drive? Jay tells me the car is very manageable and easy to live with, almost like a mk2 Cavalier that has shrunk in the wash! That being said, there is a big difference as soon as a foot is buried deep into that grey carpet. When it’s needed, wave after wave of turbo forced induction propels the humble saloon to silly speeds with ease, something we imagine never fails to put a smile on your face, and perhaps a look of annoyance on those unaware of what they’re up against. It’s not all been plain sailing for Jay though, his worst experience with the car happened at 70mph at 1am, never a good combination. Accelerating from 45 to 70, Jay was suddenly met with a huge banging noise. Fearing the worst, he was surprised to hear the engine still running fine. It turns out that a drive shaft had given up a long battle against the torque of that engine, so a replacement was sourced from his good friend Nick who happened to have some Cosvaux shafts rated for 300bhp in his shed to avoid a repeat situation in the future.

It’s all well and good having a car with a great deal more power than it left the factory with, but we all know that numbers aren’t everything. This Nova is keen to prove those numbers have real meaning, and a great deal of usable power. One afternoon, Jay pulls up behind a Ferrari 458 Italia that he had often seen locally, relinquishing the fact he’d finally found it in it’s element on some curvy drivers roads. Upon hearing the Ferrari drop down a gear, he knew the game was on. Jay quickly followed suit and flipped the box into 3rd, and planted his foot. Seconds later Mr. Ferrari’s face appears in his expensive rear view mirror, a look of total surprise wrestling with his features! It’s not everyday he has trouble saying “so long” to an ageing little 1980s Vauxhall. For me, this kind of modifying is what the culture is all about, harking back to the post-war engineering age. Young men fresh from the horrors of war spent their time spannering on cars, finding a new way to get the adrenalin flowing. Drag and street racing was a big deal, and cars would often remain stock looking to the untrained eye, only letting their secret out to those who chose to race them. 

This Nova maybe a force to be reckoned with, but Jay still has more plans up his sleeve. He hopes to invest in a Vmax Evo 5 chip, tubular manifold and a bigger turbo to up the power even further, that is until the next engine comes out of the woodwork! That’s right, Jay is having another C20LET engine forged, ready for big power on Omex management and an F28 gearbox with a LSD. In keeping with the relatively sedate exterior, Jay has been considering adding a subtle GTE bumper and grill to the mix, with a set of side skirts lengthened to suit the saloon body, though he is still in two minds about taking the whole thing Drag-Spec, and going all out insane. We’re glad to hear the colour will never change though, it really compliments the sleeper ideology. 

A car like this makes you feel alive, it’s really something special. Jay will have memories to last a lifetime thanks to this machine, here’s his favourite moment so far: ”I went to the breakfast club meet at RAF Cosford with Vauxweb on the 17th of March, I wasn’t really prepared to show the car as I’d been working all week and hadn’t had the chance to give it a full clean ready for show day. As we arrived I noticed there were a lot of supercars; Porsches, Aston Martins and all kinds or rare cars, but my car was still the only Nova Saloon which made me happy! After parking up I thought I’d get the bonnet up so people can have a look, not expecting to draw a crowd of people gathering around the car and taking pictures for their websites. A lot of people were discussing how it’s possible to get such a lump into the tiny engine bay. It was a good day on a whole and I’m really looking forward to the next one, as well as all the other shows that are happening in the year that I will be attending.”

Tech Spec

Engine: C20LET fully rebuilt with ARP conrod bolts, Saab red injectors, FSE fuel pressure regulator, yellow Roose Motorsport hoses, Astra 2.0 radiator with slimline fan, competition solid engine mounts, polished swirl pot hidden in the boot with the fuel pump, custom front mounted intercooler in bumper, bleed valve hidden in the engine bay, turbo boost adjusted to 18psi on a Courtenay sport actuator, TX autosport single v lightweight bottom pulley, rocker cover, cam cover, coil bracket, exhaust heat shield and top hat all powder coated grey with added glitter 

Wheels: Cavalier Turbo 16inch wheels powder coated to match the engine in grey with glitter, 205 45 r16 Maxxis tyres

Brakes: Calibra Turbo drilled and vented discs 288mm front and 270mm rear 

Suspension: Calibra Turbo five-stud hub conversion all round with Gmax supersport dampers, 

gmax 60mm springs, strengthened bottom arms and Nova GTE anti roll bars fitted 

Transmission: OEM F20 five-speed manual with uprated clutch 

Interior: grey merit seats and door cards, standard grey dash with triple gauge pod mounted above

the stereo with boost, oil pressure and air fuel ratio gauges fitted, deep dish “drift” style

steering wheel, 6x9 speakers mounted into the parcel shelf which are cover by a flat cap, trilby hat

and a walking stick for that OAP vibe

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love built beatles. 


love built beatles. 

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there is only two people on this earth that make those moves work for them


this guy


He is yoncė

^ Huuuuck join the club :P

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My favorite Matt Smith episode, bar none.

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Please keep this circulating. Cops are getting more and more brazen, know your rights!

good to know

All very good, concise information

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Pulguinha, the Steampunk Guinea Pig by SkyPirate Creations 

I am beyond happy about this

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I must go…my people need me

#I had NO IDEA how relevant that caption would be

Breaking racial tire norms, one breakaway at a time.



I must go…my people need me

Breaking racial tire norms, one breakaway at a time.


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literally everything is now a trigger or cultural appropriation and everything is offensive we might as well just not speak or interact or breathe

Friendly reminder to not breath unless you are part of the oxygenism culture !!!

#triggering cultural trigger 

….These words used to have meaning. Triggers were for soldiers with PTSD and were taken seriously. White people eating chips and salsa is now appropriating culture. Making fun of racism is offensive so lets cancelcolbert. Its become so diluted that of course people are going to roll their eyes and scoff when SJW bring these up. They have their purpose but they’ve…been…socially appropriated. 

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There sits my truck!

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Classic meets new!


Classic meets new!

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Somebody just sent me this IM LAUGHING SO HARD


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Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots. ‘Cause it’s OK to be a boy. But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading. ‘Cause you think that being a girl is degrading. But secretly, you’d love to know what it’s like… Wouldn’t you? What it feels like for a girl.

— Charlotte Gainsbourg

A company in Australia by the name of HommeMystere started making lingerie for men in April of 2013. In the beginning, they received a lot of negative publicity, mostly from women fearing their boyfriends or husbands would start wearing lingerie. So much for femininism… Now, they have consistently been making a small fortune and have become quite popular in the fashion capitals of the world. So far:

  • They have made two appearances at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas.
  • They have gone public in the United States, France, Sweden, and Japan.
  • They have sold out of four lines of their clothing.
  • And they have reached one million veiws on their YouTube channel.

What is more, because they do not focus on the gay community, they haven’t put any barriers up against straight men who happen to make up the majority of their orders. If that is not success, I do not know what is. Cheers, HommeMystere.

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Alcohol vs marijuana



Snoop Doggie, DOOOOG.




Alcohol vs marijuana



Snoop Doggie, DOOOOG.

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